VIDIZMO allows its users to save media as draft so that they can revert back to its unfinished settings and publish it on the Portal when needed. Drafts help you manage unpublished media which was saved after upload to be published at a later point in time due to any reason. It displays a consolidated list of all your drafts, while providing various options for every draft. Whenever you feel like your media is ready to greet the world, you can publish your draft(s) right away.

To learn more about it, see: How to Save Media as Draft


Administrators, Managers and Moderators can publish a draft via Media Manager.

1. From the Portal's Homepage,

i. Click on the navigation menu on the top left corner.

ii. Expand the Admin tab.

iii. Click on the Media Manager tab and you'll be directed to the media manager page.

2. From the Media Manager screen.

i. Go to Drafts tab.

ii. Click on the overflow menu of selected media.

ii. Select Publish to publish your draft on the Portal.


A notification will appear briefly stating: "Media Has Been Updated Successfully"

Roles and Permissions

Administrators, Managers and Moderators can publish a draft via Media Manager.