Branding is used by organizations and businesses of all sizes and types to develop users' association and familiarity with their product and services. VIDIZMO’s branding helps in developing employee affiliation towards the customer organization. It also helps promote company's core values and standardizes the application's user interface for all users. This in turn helps add value to providing a seamless user experience.

VIDIZMO provides the following options for branding your portal: 

  1. Navigation Menu
  2. Domains
  3. Language
  4. Colors
  5. Privacy Policy
  6. Customized Header
  7. White Label
  8. Thesaurus

1. Navigation Menu

VIDIZMO’s navigation consists of a menu bar within the Portal where links to other pages on the platform are displayed. The navigation menu can be expanded from the Portal's homepage displaying either the label (text) or icon for a link. VIDIZMO enables the users to create, edit or delete any menu item as required. If the menu list runs out of space, a drop-down menu will automatically appear on the Portal's main navigation. These links (menu items) can be added from Portal Settings >> Branding >> Navigation Menu screen. Moreover, Portal users can restrict the display of menu items to authenticated users only.

To learn how to customize the Navigation menu, read more about it here: How to Customize Navigation Menu.

2. Domains

VIDIZMO users can prioritize and select domains for their Portal. This enables the users to choose from the following options:

  • Directory: By selecting the directory, you can create a folder on the primary domain. This option allows you to use a subdirectory or folder structure under the VIDIZMO's primary domain you are subscribed to. For example, your Portal address would be similar to

  • Subdomain: A subdomain is a domain on VIDIZMO which is a part of a primary domain. You can add your preferred Portal website name to the subdomain. This option allows you to select a subdomain under the VIDIZMO's primary domain you are subscribed to. For example, the Portal website address would be similar to

  • Custom Domain: You can map your website on VIDIZMO by selecting this option. This option allows you to use your primary domain or subdomain based on your preference, so your Portal website address would be similar to or

VIDIZMO users are also given the functionality to create the domain either on HTTP or HTTPS as per their need. 

To change a portal URL, read more about it at How to Change Portal URL

3. Language Preference

VIDIZMO users can choose the language they wish to set for the Portal. The language only has to be set once, thereafter the platform will continue to display text in the selected language until the preference is changed again.

VIDIZMO offers multiple languages (Allow Multilingual) functionality on the platform. However, users can disable this feature and can either set English, Arabic, Spanish or can choose any from multiple others as the default language.

To learn about Changing Account Language, read more about it at How to Change Account Language

4. Colors

VIDIZMO colors section is divided into two sections i.e. Global and Background, each of which is explained below. This section allows users to set up Portal thumbnails, background image and contextual colors, allowing you to create a customized portal that aligns with your corporate aesthetics. 

i. Global

The Global section allows you to upload thumbnails and set up the Portal header's color. 

  • Upload Thumbnail: Portal users can upload an image such as the corporate logo for the Portal. This image represents the Portal and is shown as a thumbnail on the All Portals screen. If you do not upload a Portal thumbnail, then VIDIZMO’s logo will appear as the default image. Portal's thumbnail images can be uploaded using the recommended dimensions of 100x56 pixels. You can only upload thumbnails in the .jpg, .jpeg, .png and .gif file formats.

  • Site Header: This is the color selection tool for the Portal's header. You can use this to change the Portal's header in accordance with your corporate color scheme.

Read more about upload thumbnail and site header at How to Change Portal Thumbnail and Site Header.

ii. Background

Selecting the correct background for your Portal can help create a visually engaging experience for the users while at the same time portray your corporate theme and aesthetics. This section helps you create that experience with the help of two basic elements - background color and the background image. For background images, VIDIZMO supports .jpg, .jpeg, .png and .gif files only. The background image's dimensions should be of 100x56 pixels. Both the background color and the background image appear as the background on every screen of the Portal.

You can learn about changing background of portal at How to Change Portal background .

5. Privacy Policy

A Privacy Policy is another important piece of legal information that is not only required by law but also serves as a legal statement available for users to review that discloses the privacy practices of your business and protect your Portal from data breaches and violation of standards. In VIDIZMO, users can define the privacy policy statement for the Portal.

Read more about privacy policy here: How to Define a Privacy Policy.

6. Customized Header

A customized header is an image that is chosen as the representative image/text that appears in the top header section of Media Library Page. A user can create a personalized header layout of the Account/ Portal. When a user selects the 'Show Header' checkbox, the header is updated on the Portal. However, by default, this feature remains unchecked.

You can learn about customizing the header at How to Customize A Header.

7. White Labeling

White labeling refers to a fully supported product or service that’s made by one company but used by another. VIDIZMO is a White label solution that can be purchased by enterprises without branding. This way, enterprises can customize the platform with their brand, logo, and identity, allowing customers to associate the product with the enterprise.

In VIDIZMO, a user can set the Portal's Favicon which is an icon associated with your website, typically displayed in the address bar.

You can learn about setting a favicon for the portal at How to Upload Portal Favicon.

8. Thesaurus

VIDIZMO offers the flexibility to allow enterprises to customize the way certain terms appear on their Portals by using the Thesaurus feature. This feature simplifies the task of adding or replacing the terms appearing in the menu, headings or labels across the entire Portal from a single interface.

Some terms are already defined in the Portal by default, which cannot be removed and can only be edited. All users having appropriate permissions are allowed to add, edit or remove user-defined configurable terms from Thesaurus.

You can learn to add, modify or remove configurable terms in thesaurus here How to Add, Edit or Delete Configurable Terms using Thesaurus.

Roles and Permissions

  • Managers and Administrators can access and set all of the above tabs.