Microsoft Live ID offers reliable integration for Single Sign-On for all your web and mobile applications. The service offers a full-featured federation engine and flexible access policy. A user can log in with a single ID to gain access to a connected system or systems without being prompted for different usernames or passwords. 

Configuration in Microsoft Developers Portal

1. Log in to your Microsoft Application Registration Portal using your Microsoft Live Id credentials.

i. On the My Applications screen, click on the “Add an app” button.

2. On the Application Registration screen:

i. Enter a name for your app

ii. Then click on the Create button to proceed.

Note: If you have multiple portals, separate applications need to be registered for each portal. Also, ensure your URL is in HTTPS as Microsoft Live Id only works in HTTPS mode. To see how to do that, read How to configure your Portal to use HTTPS only.

3. From the Application Registration screen:

i. Note down your Application Id for use in your VIDIZMO Portal's SSO settings.

ii. Under the Application Secrets group, click on the Generate New Password button to get your Client Secret. 

iii. New Password gets generated. Note down the password form the popup since it will not be listed anywhere. The only way to get your password again is to generate a new one from the Generate New Password button.

iv. Along with the password, a Public Key is also is also generated.

4. Next, select a platform on which your application runs.

i. Click on the Add Platform button under the Platforms section.

ii. On the popup window, select Web as the platform.

5. Selecting the Web option expands the Platforms section to enter details for your web application.

i. Enter your desired URLs in both the Redirect & Logout fields 

6. Use the Profile section to add additional details:

i. Add your logo according to the specifications.

ii. Provide URLs for the Portal's Homepage, Terms of Service, Privacy Statement etc.

iii. Click on the Save button to save all the settings. You can also use the save or Discard Changes button anytime during the process.

Configuration in VIDIZMO

1. From the Portal's Homepage,

i. Click on the navigation menu on top left corner.

ii. Expand Admin tab.

iii. Click on the Settings tab and you'll be directed to Portal Settings page.

2. On Portal Settings page,

i. Click on the Apps tab on the left-hand panel.

ii. Further click on the Single Sign-On tab.

iii. Locate the Microsoft SSO App on the screen, and click on the Settings icon at the right-hand side.

3. Microsoft SSO Settings screen offers various fields, each of which is explained below:

i. Client ID: This attribute is the unique identifier for the client application. Provide the information that was saved in step #3 when registering the application on the Microsoft Portal.

ii. Client Secret: The client secret is used in conjunction with Client Id to authenticate the client application as noted in step #3 when registering the application on the Microsoft Portal.

iii. Callback Path: Specifies the callback location where the authorization will be sent to your Portal.

iv. Attribute Mapping: Attribute Mapping allows you to map your attributes with the IDP's attributes.

v. Use the Save button to save your changes.

A notification will appear stating Portal Information Updated Successfully.

4. When done defining the values in the previous step:

i. Turn on the feature using the toggle button. 


Navigate to the Portal's login screen and you will see an option Sign in with Microsoft SSO. To learn further about signing in, read Sign in using Microsoft Account.

Roles and Permissions

Only Administrators and Managers can configure an SSO App in Portal Settings.